How can we help?

We are a data agency that specialises in predictive modelling, email marketing, business intelligence and customer satisfaction.

At our core, we help our clients to monetise their data – whether that involves increasing customer engagement and sales, optimising their operations or simply learning more about what their customers want.

However, there’s much more to us than simply crunching numbers

We want to make a real difference to people’s lives. This is why we are launching a pioneering Data Academy to train the next generation of data scientists and engineers from underrepresented groups. Our Academy will also help your business to build and develop an in-house team, offering re-skilling programmes for those whose jobs are changing and offering education and mentoring programmes for the C-suite who have, almost overnight, needed to become confident in data science and handling data.

Why should you work with us?


We adapt to your needs

We can work with organisations of any size from blue chips to SMEs, in any way that suits them. This is because we are independently owned and small enough to flex.


You are in safe hands

We have worked with data from banks like HSBC for over 15 years. To do this we have implemented best in class security and data science procedures. But don’t take our word for it – we scored 16% higher than any other supplier in a recent audit by Accenture.


We innovate for you

Our team has won multiple awards for innovation across marketing and data science. Our Head of Data Science is a visiting lecturer and we have four professors currently overseeing our innovation projects – enabling us to bring you the latest cutting-edge thinking.


We’re with you for the journey

When people work with us, they tend to stay with us. Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade. This is because we are constantly adapting our tools and services to meet and exceed their needs.


We are your one stop shop

With consultants, engineers, architects, scientists, marketing specialists and developers, we have one of the most diverse teams of any data science consultancy. As a result, we can advise on, build, execute and refine a wide range of data science and marketing projects for you.


We care about the world too

We know there is more to life than making money – giving back is fundamental to us. Our Profusion Cares initiative is about investing money in charities and projects that will use data to help society. We also partner with local schools to encourage underrepresented schools to consider a career in tech.

Our Board Members

    Russell Parsons

    Founder and Director

    Guy Marson

    Founder and Director

    Natalie Cramp


    Anne Spackman

    Non-Executive Director

    Charlie Wijeratna

    Non-Executive Director

What is Profusion Cares?

We’ve created our philanthropic foundation Profusion Cares to use data for good. It channels the skills and spirit of our talented people into making social impact. And it finds ways to share our products and facilities with communities that can benefit from our support.

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