Reaching the right customers at exactly the right time with the right frequency is just the first step. Next, you need to identify exactly the right message which will inspire them to engage.

To do this you need to know what your customers want to buy, what they want to know, which are VIPs, and what actions you can take to make them buy more.


Propensity to buy

Our marketing specialists and IT experts test your email set up to ensure that all your messages are getting straight into your customers’ inboxes


Product recommendation engines

Get the right products in front of your customers. No matter what you sell, we can build you a bespoke engine that will identify the purchasing preferences of individual customers so you know what they will want to buy next. We’ll help you plug this information into your marketing machine to deliver these recommendations to your customers on the right channel at the right time.


Understand customer lifetime value

Not every customer is equal. Some will buy once, others will be with you for decades. Understanding the value of individual customers lets you know who to give some special attention to. Our model can accurately predict the entire lifetime value of your customers, enabling you to direct your marketing resources where they matter most.


Data enrichment

Worried you don’t have enough data on your customers to make informed marketing decisions? No problem! We have plenty of experience augmenting our client’s customer data with authoritative third-party data sources. This enables you to take advantage of any of our data science techniques to get deep understanding of your customers.


UX and UI

Our team of developers and marketing experts can work with you to make all aspects of your customer experience perfectly tailored to their needs. Everything from website design and app functionality to the imagery and design of your emails.

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