Profusion’s pioneering Data Academy helps businesses develop their data skills whilst training the next generation of data specialists from underrepresented groups

The Data Academy enables data-first organisations by providing businesses with the training and recruitment support they need to grow their own talent and use data effectively.
Our Academy is training the next generation of data specialists with a strong focus on underrepresented groups to diversify the industry.

Our multi-award winning data science team includes both professors and data experts who have designed a series of courses that combine academic excellence with practical commercial skills.



This can apply to any member of staff at every level from C-suite executives who want to better understand the data world to make commercial decisions to trainees that need a basic understanding of analytics to widen their skills base.

Courses include: Data Science for Leaders, People Analytics for HR, Data Skills for Graduates and Apprentices



If you have team members who want to transition to a more data-focused role, we offer a selection of learning paths geared towards their existing skill level and the particular aspect of data science they want to develop.
Courses include: From Business Analyst to Data Scientist


Recruitment Support

When recruiting data talent it can be very difficult to know whether the person you are hiring has the skills that you need. Our Data Academy can support you through each stage of the recruitment process.


Train the next generation of data specialists

In partnership with the University of Essex, we offer MSc students in Data Science or Statistics to complete a six-week project in your organisation. We also offer work experience to young people from under-represented groups to explore careers in technology.

If you are interested in any of the services the Data Academy can provide please contact

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