Profusion has developed an upskilling programme through its innovative Data Academy. Based on evidence from some of the world’s top business schools, our data strategy and data science experts have produced a short, powerful programme to enable leaders and managers in your organisation to drive business improvements through data.

We will deliver this through two key training packages.

  1. Data for Leaders: The programme is aimed at leadership teams. It will equip them to ask the right questions of their data specialists and understand how data and artificial intelligence can drive performance. Download the Full Brochure
  2. Organisation wide data literacy training: This bespoke programme offers training by department (including Marketing, Operations and Finance) and will help your team effectively take action based on data insights.


Profusion’s extensive knowledge and expertise in data consultancy with over 10 years of experience


Training programme combining academic excellence with practical commercial skills


Ongoing support from our industry experts throughout the training


Taught by our multi award-winning data experts working in commercial data and client-facing positions


Bespoke training option tailored to your business’ specific challenges and goals


Content developed in partnership with INSEAD

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