There are now more ways than ever before to optimise, measure, manage and develop marketing campaigns. While this innovation can lead to spectacular results - it can be a double-edged sword. Increasingly complex campaigns require more resources, expertise and time. There is added scope to make mistakes, bad decisions and waste money.

So how can you take the best marketing innovation while at the same time remove all the technical headaches and risk? The answer is Profusion’s Ai Marketer.
Ai Marketer is a suite of powerful marketing tools that plug directly into your customer-engagement platform via a universal API.

We’ve brought together the latest predictive analytics and machine learning techniques and combined them with a universal API or plugin designed with marketers in mind.
This will enable anyone of your customers to predict:


Customer Lifetime Value

Analyse your customers purchase and marketing data to identify your most valuable individuals. This will enable you to design communication campaigns that focus on your most important customers.


Propensity to Buy

Reveal when your customers are ready and willing to make a purchase from you.


Customer Churn

Identify which of your customers is at risk of leaving you and when. This is invaluable for customer retention campaigns.


Send Time Optimisation (STO)

Calculate the best date and time to send a communication to customers at an individual level.


Customer RFM Profile

Tailor your campaign to ensure you contact the best customers to talk to by their purchase Recency, Frequency and Monetary value (RFM).

Each module can be independently plugged into your platform to allow your customers to create highly optimised marketing campaigns that deliver exactly the right message, at the right time on the right channel.

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