Developed by data experts at Profusion, our Ai Marketer tool can be integrated seamlessly into your platform, allowing your platform customers to access state-of-the-art predictive analytics features, to identify individual customers’ behaviour and to create personalised engagements and marketing campaigns.

AI Marketer can be ‘white-labelled’ and incorporated seamlessly into your own platform. The AI Marketer features can connect with all platforms, databases, and email systems through APIs, SFTP servers or CSV files, and run automatically, or through manual data uploads.
Whether you offer a platform-only model to your customers, or a more comprehensive set of services alongside your platform, the AI Marketer tool can enhance your offer; either by augmenting and building on your existing services, or as a value-added service that can be integrated into your platform.

You can support customers to identify:


Customer Lifetime Value

Who are their most valuable customers?

Analyse customers’ purchase and marketing data to identify the most valuable individuals, enabling your platform customers to work with you to design targeted communication campaigns focused on their most important customers.


Propensity to Buy

When will their customers make their next purchase?

Reveal when customers are ready and willing to make a purchase and develop communication strategies based on this.


Customer Churn

Are their customers at risk of leaving?

Identify which customers are at risk of leaving and when. This is invaluable insight for designing and executing customer retention campaigns.


Send Time Optimisation (STO)

When is the best time to send their customers the next communication?

Calculate the best date and time to send a communication to customers at an individual level, maximising open rates and content engagement.


Customer RFM Profile

Who are their best customers to
talk to?

Tailor campaigns to ensure they are contacting the best customers to talk to by their purchase Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) value.

Ai Marketer Webinar: the cutting edge science behind the tool

Check out our webinar about the science behind Ai Marketer's and hear how we increased sales by 2.3% for Majestic Wine with the use of one module alone.

Each module can be plugged independently into your marketing infrastructure to augment particular aspects of your communication function or you can combine all five to give you highly optimised marketing campaigns that deliver exactly the right message, at the right time on the right channel.

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