The foundation of every company’s data analytics capability starts with getting the basics right. This means ensuring you have the right data flowing into the right platforms and in a form that you can analyse it accurately. There’s a common misconception that data architecture is expensive and only the preserve of big companies. The truth is that every company needs data infrastructure and there’s a sliding scale of complexity that can fit any business’s needs and resources.

For every service we can offer you, we usually start with a data workshop. Our award-winning data scientists, architects and consultants will review your current capabilities, meet your stakeholders and provide practical steps for how you can proceed. This could include:


Data Audit

A full examination of all your data sources, including where information is stored, who has access to it, what format it is in, its accuracy and any gaps that will prevent you from undertaking data analysis. The result of the audit will enable you to identify how you can improve your data governance, which third party data sources you can use to augment your database and help to ensure your business is compliant.


Data Health Check

This is a thorough analysis of the quality of your data. We build on our audit to zero in on what information your data holds and its provenance. This determines the best format for your data for future analysis, scrubs it of inaccuracies, ensures compliance with GDPR and gives you confidence that your current data insights are accurate.


Data Architecture

We have experience working with a huge range of data platforms. This means we can tell you what will work best for your business, help you get it up and running and teach your team to use it. If you have something in place, we can work with you to make it more efficient or solve technical problems. We can also put in place the structure and proceeds needed to expand your data capabilities.


Data Migration

Revamping your technical infrastructure can be a difficult and resource intensive activity. Getting a new platform in place requires careful consideration of all your current and future needs. One of the most important workstreams is ensuring your data is protected and ingested properly into your new systems. This is where we can help, we’ll create a best practice-based process for getting your data migrated to know platform you need.

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