The laws governing data privacy and security are changing rapidly across the world as is the divergence of data standards across the world. Staying up to speed to ensure your business is compliant can be challenging, especially if you have a global customer base.

We believe that compliance is about much more than sticking to the letter of the law – it’s also about embracing the spirit of good data governance practices to protect businesses and consumers. This philosophy turns compliance from an imposition to something that can help your company’s reputation and how its systems function.

Our approach is founded in providing the best security and prioritising your customer’s privacy.


General Data Protection Regulation

The EU directive is wide ranging and has very stringent penalties for breaches. It is also currently the gold standard for protecting consumer data. We can work with you to manage your compliance procedures and, crucially, ensure ongoing compliance by identifying high-risk processes and systems. We also offer workshops and trainings to upskill your team.


Data Governance Best Practice

Data breaches can fundamentally damage a business – wrecking your reputation and harming your customers. The majority of data breaches aren’t actual caused by hackers, they are more often the result of poor procedures or human error. While no system can be completely fool proof, by adopting robust data governance procedures you can substantially mitigate your risk. Our team can work with your stakeholders to build best practice procedures, stress test your security systems and educate your wider team.


Data Ethics

As renowned fictitious mathematician Ian Malcolm said, “Your (data) scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should!”. When it comes to data ethics these are important words to have in mind. Data science when applied to functions such as marketing has enormous capacity to uncover the individual preferences and behaviour of your customers. However, where you should draw the line between legitimate use and ‘creepy’ overreach can be difficult to draw. We live by a strict set of guidelines that go beyond current regulations to ensure consumer privacy and restrict the use of data science for unethical means. We can work with you to create your own ethical policy that protects both your reputation and your customers.

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