The Profusion Data Health Check is intended as a guide to the health of your organisation’s data governance, strategy, compliance and practices.

Our Data Health Check is designed to highlight areas of good performance and those that require attention. In return for 20 mins of your time - please answer all questions - you will receive a free data health check report within 3 working days.

The report and survey are broken down into 8 sections:

  • Data Governance & Strategy
  • GDPR and Data Protection
  • Data Project Management (DPM)
  • Version Control (VC)
  • Data Documentation
  • Data Quality Assurance
  • Data Team Capabilities
  • Data Architecture & Quality

Your results will be marked by one of our data strategists into the following categories, and a report will be written and sent to the email provided. We may ring the number you provide us with for clarification during this process to ensure your report is as accurate as possible.




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