Data science can mean a lot of different things to businesses. If you think of data science as a way to understand more about your business and your customers to drive efficiency, increase sales, create new products and enhance your brand’s reputation – then we are on exactly the same page.

We believe that every company, no matter their size or resources, can benefit from powerful data science techniques. We also know that every company is different so off-the-shelf or pre-packaged solutions won’t get you the best ROI. This is why we build solutions bespoke to your needs, budget, expertise and aims.
Some of the most popular solutions we have created include:


Predictive Analytics

A range of algorithms designed to predict customer churn, future consumer demand and the impact of marketing campaigns. From this our clients can adapt their marketing and commercial strategy to maximise sales. The best part? It learns as it goes – the more they run it, the more accurate it gets.


Recommendation Engines

Serve up to your customers the products that they are most likely to buy based on their preferences. Unlike basic recommendation engines that provide simple variations on the same product based on a person’s search history, we ingest all the available data on your potential customers to create highly bespoke recommendations.
We can even do it for products that are traditionally incredibly hard to categorise – such as perfume


Marketing Attribution

Unpicking how your offline and online marketing and advertising efforts have precisely influenced a customer’s purchasing decisions can be an incredibly difficult task. We can work with you to combine all your marketing channels and then using the power of data science to fill in the blanks and gaps in information. The result? You know exactly how valuable each of your channels are and exactly how to optimise them to make your marketing more efficient while increasing sales.


Advanced Market Research

if you want to know more about the behaviour of your customers or potential customers in the offline world – we can help. Instead of focus groups or marketing surveys, we can use cutting-edge tech such as wearable devices and beacons to create experiments that give you deeper insights into behaviour, preferences and expectations. Do you want to know how people navigate and purchase around your shops? No problem. We can capture this information, analyse it and deliver you recommendations on layout, product displays and even prices.

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