Profusion partners with several universities to offer you MSc Data Science, MSc Statistics and MSc Artificial Intelligence students.

Over 6 weeks, the student will carry out a well-defined data science project at a competitive rate.

Projects our students have worked on include:

Smart Currency Exchange

Smart Currency Exchange

Abhay built a model that groups potential leads and existing customers into meaningful segments using unsupervised learning. This will allow Smart Currency Exchange to target them with bespoke marketing strategies
Department for International Trade

Department for International Trade

Jake designed a recommender system to find similarities between articles and guidance documents published by the Department for International Trade on the website
Girl Effect

Girl Effect

Girl Effect’s chatbot is aimed at adolescent girls in India, a place to ask questions about sexual health and relationships. Mana built the foundations of a Natural Language Processing and conversational AI based chatbot that can recognise the mixed codes/multiple languages that the girls use (Hindi, English, Hinglish) and distinguish the most relevant keywords so that the girls can be provided with relevant information.

How it works

1.Before beginning their placements, Profusion puts students through an intensive bootcamp which includes: Data Science Consulting, SQL and Advanced SQL Databases, Reinforcement Learning, Alteryx and Sisense and Statistical Traps.


2. Each student works closely with the Profusion team at their disposal and supervision from a Profusion Data Scientist.


3. After the project, their work is yours to keep, implement and use in the most impactful way for your business.

Could your business host a student?

Data Academy Showcase 2021

“The best thing about the Profusion Data Academy is that you get to be part of and learn from a very diverse group, made up of some of the best people in the Data industry. Everyone at Profusion is invested in your success, and the Academy gives you the very best support to ensure you succeed.”

Laura Omofuma, MSc Data Science at University of Essex


“I think it’s really important to bring in new talent with a fresh pair of eyes into any business of any size. If you do own data and you want to experiment…and learn more about it, it’s definitely a starting point I would recommend.”

Jana Korpova-Harris, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Smart Currency Exchange


“Working with Profusion has completely advanced and leapt forward our work in natural language understanding in India working with young women. Girl Effect are deeply committed to taking that work and incorporating to taking that work and incorporating it across all of our programmes and other countries we work in.”

Karina Michel, Head of Create, Girl Effect (Student placement charity partner)

“Because of the nature of the DA programme, it actually allowed us to create buy-in with other parts of the business to do things we wouldn’t normally or necessarily do.”

Tony Coyne, Head of Data Science at Department for International Trade 



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