For us, diversity is not just a moral imperative it is also a commercial necessity. Diverse teams produce better data science. They provide more views and experiences that drive innovation. They prevent unintentional bias in the algorithms we create and they offer a huge range of skills that enable us to deliver great work for our clients.

As a result, we don't just talk about diversity and inclusion we incorporate its principles into everything we do. This starts with creating a team that reflects the modern world. Profusion has always been a melting pot and currently our team consists of:

17 nationalities represented

19 languages spoken

45% female leadership team

However, we know that recruiting a diverse team counts for nothing if we don’t produce work that reflects our values. This is why we have created a Data Ethics Advisory Board that gives us and our clients advice on how to use data responsibly. It challenges our thinking and holds us all to the highest possible standards when we deliver our projects. 

We are also firm believers that simply being diverse and inclusive isn’t enough – we need to do more to tackle the systemic problems within the tech sector. To do this, we created the Profusion Data Academy in partnership with the University of Essex. Its core goal is to train the next generation of data scientists from underrepresented backgrounds.

Through our Profusion Cares initiative, we also provide an avenue for our team to give back to their local community by helping charities and schools to use data for social impact.

Our Commitments

If you would like to know more about how Profusion is committed to diversity and inclusion or to get involved with some of our charity projects please contact us.

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