One of the many global events impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Adobe Summit 2020 was hosted virtually this year, with speakers delivering keynotes from their homes.  

Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen highlighted the importance of digital transformation and outlined how Adobe are leading the way by empowering customers to provide engaging digital experiences.

Narayen talked us through Adobe’s mission to use digital experiences to make an impact on the world: 

“Our mission to change the world through digital experiences seems particularly significant now,” he said, “We want to empower, inspire and transform industries and move the world forward with our technology”.

With digital’s growth, he emphasised the need for digital transformation to solve global problems.

It is crucial in these uncertain times that technology supports people’s critical needs. We see every day how tech is allowing us to reach customers with critical information through email, mobile and the web.

A few other key areas of development were highlighted in his message.

Digital Economy Index

Adobe launched a Digital Economy Index (DEI), a dynamic measure of the global online economy. Powered by Adobe Analytics, it shows global trends on products and services that consumers are buying online. It can help us answer pressing questions like, what impact has Covid-19 had on online sales and what pricing trends can we see? How can companies adjust the demands on their supply chain for products that are focused on immediate issues like social distancing and health concerns? 

The index can help us answer these questions and provide an overview of the current climate. It’s also backed by a number of economists.

A screenshot of the Economic Index slideshow.

The customer experience management (CXM) playbook

There was also a push to share the CXM playbook, powered by Adobe’s own digital transformation experience. The playbook will support customers to turn digital transformation strategies into action by providing:

  • best practice
  • resources
  • customised recommendations
  • the ability to create notes & blueprints
  • benchmarks and self-assessment tools.

This is a really exciting proposition to help organisations prioritise their customer’s digital experiences with the right data points and insights.

A screenshot of the Customer Experience playbook.

Experience Cloud Strategy

In terms of the Adobe Experience Cloud, executive vice president and general manager Anil Chakravarthy announced a layer of important AI Services: Customer AI & Attribution AI. Both are built on Adobe Sensei and form part of their Intelligent Services. These core services will help uncover customer segments and understand the conversion impact of paid, owned and earned media on making informed business decisions.

He also announced the AI-powered services roadmap for 2020, which will include Journey AI, Content and Commerce AI and Leads AI. It is really interesting to hear that Journey AI can drive optimal times to deliver experiences, and has the ability to measure content effectiveness.

The summit gave me an exciting look into how Adobe are putting AI and machine learning at the centre of their product to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

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