Majestic Wines demerged from Naked Wines, and needed an entirely new technology stack. Their marketing ambition was to improve efficiency and personalisation with automation. They approached several email platform vendors to evaluate capabilities.


When we looked at their existing setup it became clear that the email platform wasn’t the complete solution, and we proposed a full marketing automation framework, of which Adobe Campaign was a part. It also included a Single Customer View and a data warehouse (which we built in Majestic’s environment) and Aim, our AI-driven email optimisation platform.

Using a setup like this would let Majestic segment using online and in-store data and expose those learnings to the website, the store platform and into emails. Everywhere except Google (who do not allow any audience imports for alcohol brands). These segmentations could also personalise emails using dynamic content, delivering a unique experience for each customer.


With the data warehouse built in Majestic’s environment, we extracted the data from the retail database, deduplicated multiple customer accounts, and ran the AI algorithms to segment customers and understand propensity to purchase, optimum send times, and more. This data was then pushed back into the retail database and into stores as well as into Adobe Campaign. We designed and extended Adobe’s data model to be able to use non-standard inputs for marketing and transactional messaging to improve personalisation.

We used our in-house design and HTML resource to construct the email templates based on maximising dynamic content, and trained Majestic’s designers and campaign managers to be able to use the full capabilities of Adobe Campaign, with remote and in-person sessions as well as full follow-up.


Majestic have saved 50% of their campaign managers’ time preparing newsletter sends, and that time has now been devoted to engaging better with the rest of the business including senior marketing leaders and product owners, so that campaigns are now planned further in advance and more in line with broader messaging. Profusion now provide ongoing consultancy on a retainer to audit and recommend journey improvements, as well as providing subject-matter-expertise line management to their team.


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