Marketers worldwide are searching for new and authentic ways to engage young consumers, and as a platform in the underground music scene in London, Boiler Room was no exception. They are an online platform and music venue that streams live performances all around the world. Over their 10 years on the scene, their roster has evolved from innovative garage and house acts to big-name grime, hip hop, jazz and classical artists. This has cultivated an incredibly rich and diverse audience.

Boiler Room told us they wanted to know more about their audience, who were they and what assumptions were the brand making? Our priority was to deliver detailed data and insight into their 4 major global markets: the UK, US, France and Germany.


We held an on-site discovery workshop with Boiler Room to uncover what they wanted to know about their audience, what they thought they knew, and what assumptions they might be making.

We then designed a survey for the brand’s followers, pulling data from their events portfolio. The questions covered their musical tastes, purchasing habits and attitudes on climate change, poverty and alcohol. We worked with Alligator Research to provide a control sample, delivering a similar survey to each of Boiler Room’s key markets.


The surveys gave us insight into Boiler Room’s community, and into Gen Z audiences in general.

We found the audience was incredibly diverse, with a range of attitudes, identities, sexualities and interests. The data also showed us the brand’s Gen Z cohort was different to other music platforms in this space.

  • Their audience embrace empowered consumerism and demanded more from brands.
  • They don’t rush out to buy the latest tech because they’re more focussed on the hardware and its capabilities.
  • They place a big emphasis on live events — digital platforms like Boiler Room’s website were just a gateway to the community.

Our results showed traditional marketing approaches would be difficult with their community: this audience is driven by social causes, and word of mouth is one of their strongest influences.

Our final report was presented in a presentation at the Advertising Week Europe event in London. Members of the Boiler Room team shared the stage with their creative agency, We Are Social, to debate the key trends surrounding Gen Z, leveraging its new proprietary data to show a different side of this demographic.

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