As a production company delivering live family-friendly entertainment experiences around the world, Feld Entertainment faced a huge challenge with customer relationship management (CRM). When we first met them, they relied on data held in a series of complex spreadsheets that spanned their entire events portfolio. This covered a range of different aspects of the business, from production operations and logistics to costumes, light and sound, and marketing services. 

This meant their data streams were completely siloed, and generating customer reports was an elaborate, manual and time-consuming process. 

Feld told us they wanted to significantly reduce the time they spent generating those reports and were looking for a solution that enhanced their CRM and increased their efficiency.  


We had to consolidate their data streams and provide a quick and effective way for the team to analyse their customer base, so we split the project into two parts:

  • Data consolidation and single customer view: bringing those disparate data streams onto a single, visually-engaging platform
  • Business intelligence (BI) and data visualisation: allowing the team to use this new consolidated data source to generate reports.

The answer was a single dashboard powered by the company’s extensive database. With a highly visual design, the team could now make smarter and faster business decisions based on real-time data and insights.


Our dashboard allowed Feld to quickly export their data and use it with their other business tools, creating a new cohesive and efficient workflow for the team. The team could now access business-critical insights in easy-to-read formats, including widgets, graphs and charts. 

The dashboard was a success: a consolidated approach to data cut the team’s time spent on generating reports from one month to one day. 

  • Reduced time spent generating reports from one month to one hour.  
  • We brought together disparate sources of raw data into a single customer view to provide business critical insights in the form of widgets, graphs and charts.  
  • We provided the client with the ability to export data and use it within any other business tool. 

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