HSBC commercial bank were looking to transform their segmentation models to minimise human error, misinformation and operational efficiency. This was in order to gain insights to develop effective global multi-channel marketing strategies.


We created an ‘extract, transform and load’ (ETL) pipeline that accepts raw data before it is entered into the spreadsheet and inserted into a structured data model.

This could then be enriched by other data sets – opens, clicks and dwell times of past campaigns – to create a holistic view of the current campaign and channel.

Next came a set of exclusion reports to help improve their internal validation processes and continually improve the quality of the incoming data.

We also produced a set of user-friendly dashboards allowing the client to cut and slice their reporting by campaign, channel and customer segments.


Reduced data entry time allowing campaign managers to focus on multi-channel marketing. Reduced human intervention the CRM team can now view high quality, enriched information within two hours – which had previously taken 2 weeks. Creation of live dashboards that allow managers to drill into specific reports to extract granular insights. 150% increase in time saving, for the CRM team.

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