My inbox is filling up with industry insights and trends for 2019, which I consume with vigour.

What’s new that I don’t know about? Which amazing innovation can I excite my beloved clients with? What other channels can I use to enhance the customer experience? Am I still talking the talk and walking the walk as a CRM consultant at Profusion? And how can I bring new value?

So far, I’m seeing similar content and topics to those from previous yearly trend reports. However, what’s a little different this year is a sense of experience. Having dipped toes in the water, there’s a need to go deeper to provide that engaging 1:1 customer communication across multiple channels.

The three key areas are:

1. The single customer view

The SCV is the golden record. Whatever we choose to call it, it remains the number one priority. Businesses are still striving to align data silos and deliver the dream 1:1 omnichannel customer communications experience as seamlessly as possible.

The single customer view is on nearly every CRM trend report and so it should be, because it typically takes years to establish. I have the good fortune of working with a tremendously successful digital retailer. Two years in, after investing heavily in the ‘dream’, they are still trying to get the single customer view omnichannel experience working. But regardless of technology, we’re able to plan great post-purchase journeys that offer a truly personalised aftercare experience. Now we just need to work out if the technology can deliver it. If it can’t, we’ll adapt. But nothing should stop us from mapping out top quality customer journeys across channels.

So, as we continue our quest to build hyper-personalised communications into our overall comms strategy, let’s design more automated behavioural triggers and optimise existing ones to make them work harder.

Customer engagement through email and SMS should be regarded as a conversation between the customer and the brand. A standard ‘business as usual’ product comms brief should now consider this two-way dialogue and include priority ‘next best steps’ communications that can be automated depending on what a customer chooses to engage with.

A great example of this is the simple inclusion of a calendar feature within email inviting customers to tell us their key contact dates: whether their birthday, insurance renewal due date or anything else that’s important to them. Triggered emails and/or SMS metrics can expect to see a 100% increase in engagement compared with generic comms.

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