An email was once considered personalised by sticking ‘Hey <First Name>’ at the start of the subject line. Now it’s possible to create incredibly tailored and highly personalised email marketing campaigns using dynamic content and most businesses need to catch up, says Profusion campaign manager Jack Knowd

How powerful would it be to send marketing emails with the right products displaying to those most likely to buy them? Well, that’s exactly what dynamic content allows you to do. Putting the right product in front of the right customer is a marketer’s dream … and it can come true with dynamic content.

However, the impact of dynamic content stretches far beyond just increasing sales (although that’s a massive one). It also helps with customer retention and brand loyalty, because we all know how irritating it can be to receive a constant stream of irrelevant marketing emails!

A survey by Constant Contact asked 1,400 consumers why they were opting out of email marketing communications. More than half (56%) said the content is no longer relevant. They are growing impatient with impersonal and irrelevant marketing emails. Now, more than ever, people want to be treated by companies at an individual and human level – not just be a number in their database.

With dynamic content, your customers will no longer roll their eyes when your email hits their inbox.

How to use dynamic content

Dynamic content doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are three easy steps to achieving it:

1. Collect your customers’ data

You can capture valuable and insightful data from your customers using web forms or surveys. You’re likely to get one shot at doing this, so make sure what you capture is relevant to your strategy and needs.

2. Assign custom fields to segments

Once you have captured the data, assign custom fields to recipients and include them in the segments. That way you know which customers should receive what, based on their data.

3. Create tailored content

Send tailored content to each customer using clever dynamic content.

See how we helped a large trade retailer boost sales, engagement and brand awareness …

Content blocks: a case study

One of Profusion’s clients – a trade retailer – wished to show its new members just how vast and diverse its stock is, while also still highlighting the most relevant products to each individual.

We came up with a heavily dynamic email as part of a welcome series. This included more than 13 different ‘content blocks’ of products, and only displayed the most relevant one based on the individual customer.

The first step was making sure we captured the relevant data. It was essential that we knew what the customer’s ‘trade type’ was – in other words, their profession. This helped us identify what content/products would be most suitable.

Now we could assign each customer within the database their trade type, allowing us to build out an email that covered all the content blocks. Using dynamic content, we produced 13 variations of the email with just one template. The variation of the email that each customer saw depended on their trade type.

Although each customer received the same hero banner and top products sections, the email included product categories tailored to their specific trade. This is the power of dynamic content – displaying highly targeted content that increases engagement and presents each customer with what they are most likely to buy.

This example is just one of the many possibilities that can be achieved with dynamic content. For more information on how Profusion can create highly targeted emails for your brand, contact us.

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