As a small SME, we do all we can to make a difference not only in our day to day work, but also to influence our sector, supply chain and our employee’s personal lives as we take sustainability seriously at Profusion. To celebrate Earth Day this year, we’ve decided to create a guide to being a more sustainable company so the question is…

What can you do to help our earth?

1. Have a green supply chain

We try to consider the environment in everything we do and it all starts with having a sustainable supply chain. We look to procure from reputable companies only, ensuring they have strong environmental commitments and they consider the human impact of their products’ journey. We also take pride in the fact that our suppliers are committed to equality and diversity as it is a key part of what we stand for and who we are as a company.

2. Embed sustainability into your employees’ lives

At Profusion, we like to do this by providing ethical products for our staff, down to the last coffee bean, beers and of course the bigger picture. We use sustainable caterers and social enterprises for events, and we make sure to recycle like it’s an extreme sport!

3. Create policies

Creating an environmental policy is a great way to start embedding sustainability into every day working life. Reducing printing, becoming paperless, saving energy and water, cycling to work and using ethical suppliers are just a few of Profusion’s environmental policies.

4. Do your bit!

Our philanthropic foundation, Profusion Cares, has a pillar called ‘Living by Example’. This pillar is dedicated to all things sustainability and manages our company wide activities, including couch to carbon zero, that led Profusion to rank in the top 20% globally in the Eco Vadis assessment and our recent challenge, The Big Plastic Count.

The challenge consists of counting household plastic – the clue is in the name! The Big Plastic Count is taking place from 16th-22nd of May, and you can get involved and do your bit by signing up for the count.

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