No doubt you’ve noticed an influx of Covid-19 comms from various brands in your inbox over this past couple of weeks. At Profusion, we’ve sent over 30 million emails and SMS messages across both retail and financial clients with the aim of supporting our customers. 

Most marketers have had to rip up the playbook and start from scratch on the types of things they’re speaking to customers about, farewell BAU! Some companies might even have hit pause on email marketing comms altogether. If that’s the case for you, I recommend you think twice. Yes, I understand that not having anything to say to customers might seem odd but it’s super important from a domain health perspective. You need to keep drip feeding comms — even at small volumes — to make sure that when you can start sending campaigns again, you can resume at your normal sending volume. If you need any more information or advice on this, please feel free to get in touch

TravelZoo: linking to relevant content

The types of emails you could send include: links to content you have created relevant to your products and services, as TravelZoo have done below.

Treatwell: creating social impact

For some it has been an opportunity to speak to customers about brand values or initiatives that are especially pertinent. Treatwell have done this through contributing to initiatives affecting their industry in a meaningful way.  They’ve set up a petition on asking the UK government to provide stability to hair and beauty businesses. Relevant and fitting.  

Pure Gym: acting quickly

Pure Gym reacted quickly and sent out an email confirming all memberships were paused. Within a week they launched PureGym Together, offering home workouts and benefits for when the gym is back open in exchange for reactivating membership or a reduced monthly contribution. This is a great way to keep the dialogue with their customers open and foster a sense of community. 

Abel and Cole: designing a new initiative

Abel and Cole are a great example of adapting quickly. They’re catering for new customers whose orders they couldn’t fulfil due to demand through their Food on the Table initiative. This takes food originally meant for restaurants and bringing it to customers’ doors instead. This also appeals to the socially conscious audience. 

& other stories: user-generated content

& other stories have used user-generated content across social and email to create a global community feel. This is a safe way of generating brand awareness and a soft push to their products, keeping them front of mind. 

Screwfix: thanking your customers

A simple ‘thank you for patience’ message strategically staggered to your audience over the coming weeks is also an effective way to keep your IPs warm and your domain sender reputation healthy. This is especially useful if your business is struggling with demand and wants to avoid driving too much traffic to your site through marketing efforts. 

It’s clear that creating informed interactions and engaging with consumers in new ways is key during this time. This is especially true considering consumer behaviour post Covid-19 is a complete unknown. 

Be sure to monitor device open rates. We’ve seen an increase in desktop open rates across clients as we all stay on lockdown. This could mean an increase in the time a customer takes to read your emails, which supports content driven messages. It’s also worth considering if you are pushing customers to your site you might need to consider a desktop-first approach for a while. 

Finally, these extraordinary times might also provide you with the opportunity to review and audit existing customer journeys that have been running in the background for years. Set up those revenue generating behavioural triggers and consider how AI can help make your comms more personalised.  This applied to all the projects that would benefit your marketing strategy immensely, yet BAU marketing demands have kept them on the back burner until now… 

We are here to help you create a strategy and support you in building best in class customer journeys.  

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