Call centre overload, call centre closure, whatever the crisis, Profusion has collated a guide to support you, from immediate quick wins to longer term support.

We work with you to provide a range of solutions to reduce call centre pressure and, at the same time, provide customers with real time reassurance and updates. We work out of hours because we know you have a care of duty to your customers. We use AI modelling to identify priority customers and calls and escalate them appropriately.

Immediate solutions

  • Update the footers in all email communications. Make it as accessible and easy as possible for customers to find alternative routes to get help. Bullet point, in bold, or use ‘tick’ affirmation or a step guide, including important FAQ links.
  • Manage call centre response handling by using email to invite customers to choose a ‘call back time’. The customer is presented with a simple range of best times to be called by you. All they need to do is select [click] their preferred option.
  • Data capture forms. Capture relevant information about a customer’s concern. Information collected can direct customers to a variety of options, but most importantly automate a real-time response with the most relevant FAQ information for each individual customer.
  • Regular updates by email. All data collected acts as a “newsletter” list for coronavirus updates. We can work ‘out of hours’ to produce solus emails when major updates happen.
  • Automate updates through a simple template that pulls and formats new information using specific keywords or hashtags. This links to the use of contextual marketing technology to include social media updates (the last 3 posts) in real time the moment your customers open the email. Profusion can provide contextual marketing through partner, Kick Dynamic, or work with your incumbent provider.
  • Use SMS as a direct communications channel for important service messages. No STOP required and can still be personalised with name.

Medium term solutions

SMS inbound and outbound messaging provides a dialogue solution for your customers and helps alleviate call centre pressure. We have a unique solution that integrates Adobe with Infracast (SMS gateway). We provide a link shorter and a rent a short code for customer inbound messages: This solution will enable:

1) The delivery of bulk SMS campaigns and automations quickly for both marketing and service messages

2) Orchestrate multi-channel journeys

3) Include links that are shortened, branded and tracked at customer level

4) Customers can “inbound message” enabling the handling of opt outs, competitions/polls and include key words to use the short code for different campaign purposes and include autoresponders

Long term solutions

Respond to a range of business and customer priorities using AI. Our Data Science team will develop algorithms that will identify your most loyal customers. Customers with a high lifetime value will be given priority enabling call centre agents to work on a proactive basis to revolve their problems, before even answering the call. Our AI model will also pinpoint customers at risk of churn. Most importantly, we will predict when customers are most likely to call in order to manage resources.

How we help our large retail bank clients

Email is a key driver in delivering a variety of digital content, such as digital welcome packs, user guides and video support directly to a customer’s inbox. Engagement metrics demonstrate that customers return again and again to these emails. They act as an important resource for customers which, in turn, proactively relieves call centre pressure queries and reduces visits to branch.
In terms of cost savings for a bank, every 1 million digital welcome packs sent results in a cost saving of £3 million.

Analysis of chat data between call centre agents and customers enriched the banks FAQ insights, enabling frequent queries to be answered by email linking to the correct FAQ for each customer.

Considering some major UK banks receive up to (and respond to) 24 million customer calls per year, just a 5% reduction in call volume because a digital response has satisfied a customer query has a major impact on resource management.

The prediction of call centre volume increase, before it occurs, enables the bank to manage resources more effectively.

‘Call me back’ linked to specific times within email proactively supports call centre agents in managing their time more efficiently.

In this article, Natalie Cramp, Profusion’s CEO, talks to MyCustomer about the rebirth of Contact Centres post the pandemic>>

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