Emma Church, Strategy Director – 14 years @ Profusion

It goes without saying that we are seeing big shifts in email marketing communications during this time. Regardless of industry, one common ground is the change in email marketing volumes and consistency. Some are ramping up their service messages, and have stopped marketing altogether because it either feels inappropriate or they just can’t handle the demand with furloughed staff etc. Automated customer journeys are on pause and behavioural triggers turned off.

If you know anything about email deliverability then you know that you need a good sender reputation with the Mailbox Providers in order to reach your customers and/or subscribers inboxes. Mailbox Providers measure your reputation through your sending IP(s) and sending domain and a good sender reputation is built and maintained by consistent and engaging emails.

In just a 2 to 3-week period of inactivity, mailbox providers will reset your reputation totally and your domain/IP will become neutral. So, when the time comes to start ramping up your marketing volumes again, you will find yourself having to do a warmup process in order to rebuild a good sender reputation. This is not ideal as it can take weeks.

  1. For one major retail bank, we added their marketing IPs to their service IP range in order to keep the marketing IPs warm.  The massive hike in service Covid-19 messages, regarding safeguarding and financial support, is now also supported by the extra IPs.  This means we deliver huge volumes in shorter time periods. Win win!
  2. For retail we have simply devised a ‘1/3 strategy’ and split the same marketing message out across 3 days of the week in order to keep volume consistent and therefore, reputation warm.  
  3. We have also supported on content strategy as our clients struggle with finding the right balance between keeping customers engaged with the brand yet at the same time protect them from a disappointing customer experience when products are either out of stock or can’t be delivered in a timely manner.  

A simple ‘thank you for your patience’ message reaffirming your value propositions goes a long way to making customers feel valued and keeps you front of mind.  An incentivised poll or survey is not only an interactive way to engage with your customers and gauge their wants and needs right now but also enriches your data to aid more effective targeting when the time comes again.  

Contact us for advice on how to keep your sending domain and sending IP’s warm and healthy during Covid-19.  

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