Are you up to date with – or inspired by – industry news? The Profusion team have their ears to the ground, looking out for stories on marketing, retail, data and more. Here’s some picks of what we unearthed in October

Email and digital marketing

Email marketing open rates highest in four years
Email open rates are continuing to increase year on year, according to the Data & Marketing Association’s latest benchmarking report

Cadbury hopes to avoid ‘wallpaper’ marketing with digital-first campaign
Cadbury is launching a campaign for its Heroes miniatures range that focuses on digital content to build engagement

Social media overtakes print as third-largest ad channel
This year, social media could claim a 13% share of global ad spend – eclipsing print for the first time

How Honda shifted its content strategy from ‘attention-grabbing’ to storytelling
The car brand is investing in PR partnerships to take a storytelling approach – driving customers to engage via a content hub

Airbnb’s losses doubled last quarter with a 58% increase on marketing spend
The homeshare company’s performance declined despite a $367 million investment

Customer experience

Why treating customers right requires constant collaboration
“Companies can only deliver what the customer wants and needs if the whole organisation is aligned.”

Just 10% of brands in the UK excel at customer experience
The tech industry is a trailblazer in customer satisfaction, giving the lowest-performing logistics, energy and water sectors something to learn from


Sainsbury’s overhauls Nectar with shift to digital loyalty programme
Nectar focuses on enhancing personalised user experience and increasing engagement – with a new app, website and brand refresh

H&M quarterly profits rise for first time in two years as result of digital transformation
Digital transformation at the Swedish retail giant has made a big impact on sales

Is Pizza Express going to be the latest high street brand to leave us?
The restaurant chain’s future has been looking uncertain …

September online sales provide no respite for retailers
Nine out of 15 sectors have said their online retail performances are down on last year

High Street: How many UK shops have closed?
As more retail stores’ profits seem to plummet, this report looks at what’s behind the phenomenon

John Lewis trials sustainability schemes at Oxford store
The department store is testing out replacing single-use plastic bags with a reusable ‘click and collect’ version

Data privacy

European court ruling spells end of pre-ticked cookie consent forms under GDPR
Digital advertisers and media owners beware: pre-ticked forms for cookies on websites are “incapable of legally gathering consent to track consumers”

Facebook apps ‘should be split up to protect privacy’, says Elizabeth Warren
US presidential candidate has called for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to undo its acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram

Twitter admits it used two-factor phone numbers and emails for serving targeted ads
The social media giant used tweeters’ phone numbers and email addresses to set up 2FA on their accounts

‘Alexa, are you invading my privacy?’ – the dark side of our voice assistants
The Guardian’s Dorian Lynskey asks if the 100 million Amazon voice activated devices are “fun time-savers or the beginning of an Orwellian nightmare”

Artificial intelligence

Google wants its AI to disappear in your clothes
Tech giant Google has launched a partnership with Levi’s for AI-infused apparel

Microsoft unveils AI-powered Digital Marketing Centre
New tool is aimed toward the automation of digital marketing for small and medium-sized businesses.

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