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Hi, and welcome to a new email essentials blog with me Emma Woodward, Senior Strategy Director at Profusion and today I’m going to talk about the two most important things when it comes to creating a really good email and an overriding approach that you could take on how to achieve it.

It comes as no surprise when I say that personalisation is at the heart of creating a great customer experience, and email is a fabulous channel for delivering personalised experiences. I think you might also agree that a poor customer experience is when we make the customer do the work when there are too many options and they have to hunt and scroll to seek out that one thing, choice is demotivating.

According to many significant studies over the years, customers, when presented with fewer options were more likely to make a purchase and be happier with that purchase thereafter. So, personalisation isn’t about thinking about what we can include, a clutter of things to reduce the value to the customer, but rather what we can actually exclude less noise. Viewed this way we could approach personalisation as a really effective filter. We filter out the noise and we concentrate on enabling the data to deliver these two key things in email.

One, present only your best items at an individual customer level, of course, and recommend what’s next, again, at an individual customer level so they can continue that journey with you. If your overall quote goal is to drive lifetime value, then make it your mission to enable the data to deliver on those two key things. This is a great approach, customer experience hinges on personalisation, so it’s worth valuing it as a filter as your starting point.

If you want some guidance on how to use personalisation as an effective filter within your emails them do get in touch

Thanks very much and see you again next time. Take care stay safe.

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