I hope you are all keeping well in these unprecedented times. I wanted to let our clients, partners and friends of Profusion know how we are responding to the outbreak of COVID-19 and offer our support to you and your team.

As many of you know, we are a digital company used to working virtually to support clients all round the world. We have always had a number of our team operating remotely from the different corners of the globe. As such, we are well set up for virtual working and used to operating through virtual meetings and other online channels. We have robust systems in place for security and business continuity. These have been regularly audited and consistently scored higher than other suppliers. Further successful tests were completed on these last week. Profusion are well set up to continue business as usual for as long as necessary with a completely virtual office. 

Additional precautions:

  1. Virtual working: We have moved our office to virtual working. We are well set up for this, and continue to serve our clients remotely. All Profusion staff have fully encrypted laptops with VPNs installed to ensure secure remote and home working, with multiple back up VPNs to ensure we run seamlessly.
  2. Holiday: The team will only be taking holiday for family emergencies to ensure there is additional capacity to respond to any sickness absences.
  3. Travel: Prior to moving to virtual working we cancelled all international business travel. Any staff returning from a personal trip from an area of high risk were required to self-isolate for 14 days and only return to the office if they had no symptoms at the end of that period.
  4. Events: Our May event would be during the peak of the outbreak in the UK. In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we are rearranging this for when the worst is over. You will receive updated invites for this in the early Autumn.
  5. Data Academy: A number of you expressed interest in taking placements as part of our Data Academy in June. As we cannot guarantee you will be able to have students on premise at that time, this will be delayed until the Autumn. This ensures both you and they get the best from this initiative. We will use the additional time to complete the curricula for our re-skilling programme for those at risk of automation, and our AI and Ethics proposition. As such, these can launch earlier than anticipated. If either of these are something you’re interested in knowing more about, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Supporting you and your team

I recognise that you may be operating with lower staffing rates than normal who may not be used to remote working. We are very experienced at this and ready and resourced to help wherever you need us as part of your extended team so please do not hesitate to ask.

  • Marketing campaign resource – we can help with testing, deploying and automating campaigns across most email systems.
  • Data science – sickness support, planning and research, model testing are all areas where we can support remotely.
  • Dashboarding – insight and understanding data is critical in times of crisis. Tell us where you are suffering and we will see how we can help.
  • Developer resource – we have an in-house team at Profusion who can help you automate any of your processes you need.

A number of you have also already contacted us recognising it’s a very good time for some strategic planning and getting operational building blocks in place. If you want to accelerate these projects we are very happy to facilitate, and can easily manage this remotely.

Supporting our charity partners

We will of course be continuing to support our fantastic charity partners in any way we can during this time. It is a challenging time for business, but even more so for fantastic organisations who dedicate their missions to making the most vulnerable lives that little bit better. We are lucky to be able to isolate in our homes – many still do not have them. Whilst people rush to stock pile – foodbanks are struggling to have the supplies to feed those who need them the most. The work that End Youth Homelessness and Fareshare do is even more critical at this time, and even tougher for them to deliver. We are so grateful to some of our partners who are also stepping forward to offer support to them.

Please do not hesitate to call me or Alistair, our Chief Strategy Officer if you want to discuss anything. Thank you for your continued partnership. Importantly, I hope you and your families keep well during this unprecedented and challenging time.

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