Russell is qualified as a Chartered Accountant but left the industry in 1984 to work in Europe’s international leisure property development market.

He managed the construction and operations of leisure complexes in Europe before co-founding a property investment management business focussed on the UK residential property market. The business grew to manage over £1.6 billion of property investments, involving over 200 companies or company groupings, and was floated on AIM.

Russell then emigrated to Australia and, in 1997, co-founded Wisper, an internet backbone. In 1998, he returned to the UK to manage the company’s development to encompass 17 countries across the UK, Middle East, North Africa and the US. He arranged Wisper’s absorption into the INS and its subsequent sale to Cable & Wireless in 1998/1999.

In 1999, Guy Marson and Russell founded Profusion, a SaaS business focused around their proprietary email marketing platform.

Russell has also been involved in a number of telecom infrastructure developments over the past 2 decades. Russell and his partners founded Subsea Environmental Services in 2015, a business which reclaims, reprocesses or reuses out-of-service subsea fibre networks.

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