By Sam Obafemi

The market is seeing significant growth in Business Intelligence with 54% of enterprises saying cloud Business Intelligence is either critical, or very important to their current future strategies, Louis Columbus – Forbes 2020. There is significant pressure for marketers to drill down into the detail with all aspects of market intelligence and analytics. Organisations need to navigate their thinking with data just behind, and deliver precise decision making in planning and strategy.

The very nature of business sustainability is through growth and increased revenue share. There is no hiding from the ambitious, and sometimes challenging targets especially in the height of COVID19, combined with an out of the park strategy. Businesses need to marry to the fact, that they need to substantially improve their financial performance, whilst maximising utilisation of resources. Ultimately the key to unlocking this is through the power of big data and BI. This is a strategic initiative Profusion have taken with a partnership with Sisense BI.

There is a famous colloquialism “Devil in the detail” and that’s just it. The structuring of data is needed to make actionable, informative, accurate decisions in planning and strategy. It’s not newly announced, that there can be some “scepticism” and “fear”, with data for marketers, as it can be exhausting trying to make sense of it all. Our Sisense platform has removed the complexity out of data decision making, removing cumbersome data extracts and archaic data processes. There is the question, how? The platform is extremely powerful with millions of data points synthesised, structuring your insights and powering sophisticated real time visualisations to enhance the decision-making process.

Here at Profusion we have a breadth of clients, from the Financial sector, Retail & FMCG and SME’s, and it is important for us to marry our strategic recommendations and insights using BI. What we are seeing within the market and with our portfolio of clients, is the challenge in investing in the tools. In the UK 43% of marketers cite cost of advanced data science as the biggest challenge to investing in it. We understand the barrier and challenges, and therefore work to create bespoke services to support our client initiatives and collaborate with our inhouse data science team. Whether it be with our data scientist or data consultant, we strive to bridge the gap finding a solution, best attuned to your needs.

Our top tips to improving your BI and data science, and how we at Profusion can support:

  • Organise your data – we can support with extrapolating and synthesising from millions of different data sources
  • Cleanse and transform your data using our bespoke cleaning algorithms
  • Integrate data visualisation using Sisence sophisticated data design
  • Team with our data consultancy and strategy team to make future predictions for a winning strategy
  • Automate – using our technology to do all the hard work, so you can maximise efficiency

An impactful strategy is the ability to be able to rely on accurate data as an advisory tool for decision making. Businesses need to break down the data in a digestible and simplified way. The end goal is to, drive efficiency within your decisions, remove risk of error in handling data from different sources and use historical data to inform predictions and future trends, to remain competitive, compelling, and most importantly true.

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