Expressing special gratitude, following Volunteers’ Week 2020

Of the more than 7.5 million employees in the UK furloughed during the Covid-19 crisis, thousands have found a way to donate their time to help those in need. During the lockdown, they’ve been putting their skills to good use and making a real difference in their communities as furlonteers

Since 2019, Profusion has been supporting the charities, FareShare and End Youth Homelessness, and has successfully linked furloughed marketing experts to support these noble causes.

How one furloughed marketeer made a big difference to a food charity on the frontline

Food charity FareShare has been working on the frontline of the crisis, delivering vital food to charities supporting some of the most vulnerable people in the UK. “In just a few short weeks we’d doubled the amount of food we were getting out — but the need for food increased dramatically — the number of charities on our waiting list tripled,” explains Marketing Manager, Meritxell Jimenez.

Since the crisis began, FareShare has doubled the amount of food delivered to those in need, and the number of charities on their waiting list has tripled. FareShare has had to quickly adapt to this new situation, and the help of furlonteers has been much needed and appreciated.

The furlonteer from Profusion’s network was placed with FareShare’s Marketing and Communications Team to support their marketing activity over the last two months.  FareShare has leveraged the skills and experience of this furlonteer to create a new email marketing strategy. The strategy is designed to engage an audience that has only recently learned about FareShare, providing them with useful information on how the charity fights hunger and tackles food waste.

Furlonteering has not only kept her occupied while making good use of her skills but it has also given her a new perspective on how surplus food can help feed millions of people in need, especially during a pandemic.

Let’s hear from the furlonteer herself, Hannah Meikle, Marketing Communications Lead for a retail group.

An incredible furlonteer linked with the charity End Youth Homelessness

End Youth Homelessness is a national movement of youth homelessness charities. Each year, they work with 30,000 young people at risk.

Sofia Haque, Head of Fundraising and Communications, explains: 

“During COVID-19, EYH charities face extraordinary costs just to keep services staffed and young people healthy. Meanwhile, our charities expect a 48% drop in voluntary income this year. This has led us to launch our urgent COVID-19 appeal.

In the midst of the pandemic, we felt that it was vital for us to stay connected with our members, partners and supporters.  We decided to set up a newsletter so that we can celebrate our achievements, and share the experiences of young people, and encourage our contacts to support our appeal. 

Having limited experience of email marketing within our team, we were delighted when contacted by a furloughed email marketing professional, looking to spend her free time putting her skills to good use.  With her help and generosity, we were able to establish an email marketing strategy, with advice on how to tailor content to various audiences, and how to get the most out of our communications with them. We received very useful advice on what to include in our first, and subsequent newsletters, and how to get our email network up and running. We now feel well prepared to put their advice into action, and to become a better-connected organisation as a result. We are extremely grateful to have received the help of this person during their furlough period, and we are looking forward to some good results!”

Our EYH furlonteer said: 

“It’s such a pleasure to use my marketing expertise to support such a worthy cause during my furlough. Thank you to all the lovely people at End Youth Homelessness for giving me the opportunity to contribute”.

This article takes a refreshingly inspirational look at how people can use their skills in order to support the most vulnerable during this time.  Profusion Cares would like to thank them, and the thousands of other incredible furlonteers doing the same. 

About Profusion Cares 

We created our philanthropic foundation, Profusion Cares, to use data for good. It channels the skills and spirit of our talented people into making social impact, and it finds ways to share our products and facilities with communities that can benefit from our support.

It’s not just about us. We want to collaborate with our clients, our suppliers, local businesses and fellow socially-conscious organisations because, together, we can make a greater difference.

About FareShare

Profusion has been supporting charity FareShare since August 2019. FareShare is the UK’s largest food charity. It takes food from the food industry that can’t be sold in shops, either because of packaging errors or short shelf life. That food, which is just like the food you’d eat at home, is then redistributed through a network of frontline organisations getting food onto the plates of vulnerable people. Profusion staff volunteered with FareShare during the Christmas Tesco Food Collection, handing out shopping lists to customers and helping FareShare collect vital packets and tins to distribute to good causes. 

You can support Fareshare as a volunteer or by making a donation

About End Youth Homelessness

Like FareShare, Profusion has been supporting End Youth Homelessness by helping raise awareness and contributing funds. EYH has 4 main targets: housing, health, work and prevention. Their goal is to raise national awareness and voluntary funds, ensuring a positive future for homeless young people. 

Housing: As the biggest short-term issue of homelessness, we work hard to ensure these young people have somewhere to live.
Health: Mental and physical health problems can create barriers to accessing further education, employment and independence. EYH helps young people stabilise their lives and learn to live healthily.
Work: We believe that supporting homeless young people into training and employment is as important as helping them find a place to call home.
Prevention: Here, the aim is that families have the support they need so young people at risk are identified and supported before the point of crisis.

Support EYH by making a donation to their Covid-19 Appeal.

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