Covid-19 is an extraordinary time and effective email communication driven by data insights is crucial for your customers right now. 

Email is one of the most effective channels for customer reach with 73% of business respondents ranking the channel as excellent, compared to 72% for SEO and 67% for paid search (The Econsultancy/Adestra 2019 Marketing Census Report).

In a period of economic vulnerability, marketers need to know the needs of their audience to support them through the uncertainty. Kantar UK Tribe Omnibus 2020 has completed an in-depth tribal analysis for the UK with a focus on the financial sector to help marketers understand audience behaviours.

Tribe 1Tribe 2Tribe 3Tribe 4Tribe 5Tribe 6
Chilled & Compliant
OstrichesPrecarious WorriersTroubled but trustingFollow the rulesPatiently waiting

Source: Kantar UK Tribe Omnibus 

The tribes outlined in the research are important market indicators and will help you tailor your supportive communication with behavioural needs. In the financial sector, this is especially relevant now due to the uncertainty surrounding the economy, creating a real opportunity for banking customers to be segmented into behavioural cohorts. Data insights will be the foundation for targeted messaging to your customers, and will help you draft emails that are not only relevant but timely.

Profusion’s data science relies heavily on data insights. We use them to create a framework of quantifiable attributes that allows us to identify distinct groups of customers. This is extremely important to make value drivers specific and relevant to each segment you define. As marketers, we must remember to be a reflection of our customer needs. The expressed outcome will be positive engagement for the brand. 

The overarching support mechanism in any cohort is trust. Our customers expect us to be stable and reliable experts, helping them to reduce complexity in a time where unnecessary hassle is a major concern.

Things to consider

We will continue to unlock new activities as time goes on. The idea is to adopt new information and update our playbook regularly. As audience behaviours are changing during these unprecedented time, we need to consider:

  • What are our customers’ needs?
  • What are our customers doing?
  • What are our customers thinking? 
  • What are customers feeling? 
  • What are our customers hearing and seeing? 

Here are some key activities to consider.

PAUSE, adapt, take a minute

This is all about the customer life cycle, and considering Covid-19 as a stage in that cycle. Take some time to audit one-to-one comms, automations and SMS, and see if they’re still informing those five customer behaviours. The review should refine the messaging, language and content. Think about your digital services and changing needs, which are especially important for your onboarding customer experience. Start as you intend to continue in the value exchange.

Accessibility and resource audit 

This is marketing 101: ensure your digital presence is accessible, functioning and not down for maintenance or hidden behind a layer of clutter. A positive digital experience is a driver for advocacy, so spend time getting it right and ensuring your messaging is in line with your digital infrastructure.  

Data List 

This goes hand-in-hand with deliverability. Make sure your data list is optimised, clean and up to date. This isn’t about sending a mass email to all of your customers. You want to communicate with customers who actually want to hear from you, so try to avoid disrupting email inboxes with unnecessary communication. If you are sending out a large volume of emails, make sure you’re staggering them as part of your strategy.

Final thoughts

“Get customers moving and feeling in control, building awareness where relevant, and providing dynamic support, with the right interactions, with the right engagements with the right people at the right time” – Sam Obafemi

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