Hi everyone, my name is David Hoye, and I’m a Technical Strategy Director Profusion and today I’m going to tell you what I like about Adobe campaign classic, and why I think it’s a great campaign management tool. So I’ve been working with Campaign Classic for some time. Now, I’ll say the main reason that I really like it is it’s very customizable, and it can be tailored to meet the needs of the company on the team using it. For a campaign management tool, it’s really strong on the data management side of things. So obviously, there is an out of the box data model, that you’re able to extend this with additional custom attributes and relational tables to store the data that you need about your business and your customers. There’s also multiple options, how you get that data into Adobe Campaign and how you can integrate it with your other systems.

Once it’s in, it’s at the fingertips of your users to help you execute relevant and personalised campaigns. The data can be used in targeting and segmentation activities and Campaign Classic has a really easy to use rule builder to help define campaign audiences. But this is really supplemented by campaign workflows. So workflows allow you to automate and orchestrate multi and cross channel campaigns all from a single graphical interface. And there’s a range of really cool data management activities to make more complex campaign targeting easy. But there’s also some features that help you to enrich your campaign target. And then you can use that additional insight downstream in targeting conditions, or to personalise message content. So this could be something like aggregating or filtering, purchase data or bring in temporary data from other sources, such as files or calling external API’s.

Workflows can also be used to automate other processes like importing and exporting data or sort system alerting notifications and things like that. The Campaign Classic has a soap API, which can be used to integrate campaign with external sources like a website signup form, and also has an optional module called message centre and that’s for customers that need to deliver transactional messages at scale. Adobe Campaign Classic also allows you to build and host landing pages, dates capture forms and surveys, as well as building customised reports. And this can be really useful to extend your campaign onto the web, or to monitor campaign success around your business. I would recommend having a more technical user as part of your team as this will allow you to use Campaign Classic to its full potential. But this doesn’t mean the marketing users aren’t comfortable using the tool day to day.

Thanks very much for listening. If you’d like to hear anything more about Adobe Campaign, and the support services that we provide at Profusion then please do get in touch.


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