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Hi, I’m Bianca from Profusion and today’s Email Best Practice session is some Black Friday Inspiration for email marketing.

With Black Friday fast approaching I thought it would be worth doing a recap of strong campaigns from 2019 to act as inspiration.  Black Friday is historically a lucrative time for retailers as we can see from the amount spent by shoppers last year. This year how we shop will look different as we all might prefer to shop online to avoid crowded shopping destinations and the restrictive measures in shops.

In fact research from Havas has supported the fact that shoppers will most likely stick to online stores this year with 44% of consumers disagreeing with the statement ‘I like checking out the deals in store on black Friday’.

So, in preparation for the onslaught of offers we will no doubt see. I’ve put together a small round-up of strong email campaigns from 2019 to act as inspiration for retail.

The first example is Oliver Bonas. They did a great job last year of encouraging account set up for their newsletter by offering early Black Friday access alongside a £5 discount to encourage customers to sign up to their newsletter. This was promoted onsite and the email comms around it did a great job in encouraging customers to convert and activate their account.

I also like that (it’s not so relevant this year) they have the link to shop the sale in-store with the barcode so that you can obviously shop both online and in-store.

Levi used Black Friday as a means of trying to engage customers who haven’t been opening their emails. They also look to have removed this group of customers from the list before contacting them which works well, what better introduction back into their products than the promise of discounts and deals!

Space NK offered a gift with purchase, tiered based on the amount spent to customers who had a reward card. This works well as it ties in with the holiday season so you could use the freebie as a gift for you or for a potential present.  It also encourages customers to spend more tapping into our desire to get something for free.  The next level up of personalisation for this would be to offer free products tailored to a customer’s shopping preference for example if you frequently buy Hourglass products offering a freebie from this brand would be even more enticing.

Mac has gone down a different discount route with the promise of discounts in-store rather than online. Just to reiterate again, this was a campaign from 2019. They utilise customer reviews to showcase products as well as reinforcing the benefits of instore (makeup demos and complimentary samples).  Obviously, this would be very different for this year with hand to hand sampling at a standstill but I think it’s still a smart campaign that could be adapted for products which are more sample friendly or work as a means of encouraging people to shop safely at home by providing special discounts to those who shop online. A way to personalise this would be to generate the information of their local store using geo-demographic location. It would be interesting to know the push for in-store as opposed to online, especially pre-Covid because I can’t help but wonder if historically, they have specific groups of customers who buy more products in store than they would online.

Whilst the above campaigns caught my attention the majority do usually get lost in my inbox. Something which I’ve yet to see a retailer take advantage of is a customer Wishlist, no doubt that we all save things to our Wishlist/save for later. I think that if I was sent a campaign with products saved in my wish list and they actually had my size I would definitely be interested it also works in providing a greater level of personalisation.

I hope these emails were quite useful in providing inspirations. If you’re in of support with a more tailored approach or any extra ideas, feel free to get in touch at

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