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Hi and welcome to a new Email Essentials Vlog with me Emma Woodward, Senior Strategy Director at Profusion.

This session is about email template testing and how to discover the optimal email for increased engagement and ROI.

We are going to discuss 2 testing techniques.

First up is A/B testing. Traditional and robust so long as you have a hypothesis that clearly addresses what you want to get out of the test. As its name suggests, you’re testing one thing against another thing so when it comes to an email template that might take some time because there’s so many elements that you want to test. The longer the testing period, the more subject the test might be to outside influences such as seasonal influences, big events etc.

The next testing is called multivariate testing, and again as its name suggests, you can test multiple elements which makes it the perfect solution for revealing your optimal email template. And the good thing about multivariant testing is you’re not only testing one element against another you can actually measure the effect of all of those elements combined.

It’s called the interaction effect, and its fast tracked so you’re doing it all in one go, so its less likely to be influenced by outside influences that I was talking about earlier.

So, your biggest challenge is going to be: what do you test?

What type of email are you testing? Is it your newsletter? Is it a product email? Is it part of your marketing automation campaigns? Is it your hero header, will it be the CTA (call to action), is it the layout, the hierarchy of content? Animation, atomisation, I could go on, there’s so many things to test.

So I think now might be a good time to show you a visual, hopefully that will bring it to life.

Here we have the variables to test, so we’re testing A against B. But in A, we’re testing C against D. Within C, we’re testing E against F and so on.

So down the side, we’ve had to put quite a lot of effort upfront and create 8 template variations to be able to test it all in one go. But of course, you’ve got to think that once you’ve done it, its done, its measured and you can move onto the next thing and of course your KPI should be engagement – which is clicks, over layed with incremental sales if you can.

So, if you’re keen to test, be ambitious with your testing plan and go for multivariate testing. If you’re wondering what to test within your template, to make it robust and significant, then please get in touch:

Thanks very much for watching, take care and I’ll see you next time.

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