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Hi, and welcome to Profusion’s YouTube channel. I’m Emma Woodward, Senior Strategy Director, and in today’s email essentials vlog, I’m going to be focusing on the importance of a world class post purchase customer experience, including some quick wins in how you can optimise your current post purchase customer journey.

I thought I’d start and set the scene with a few stats from Brandwatch in 2019 just going to read these.

Only 19% of businesses focus on retention 50% of consumers feel buyer’s remorse after a purchase. customer acquisition costs five times as much as it costs to retain customers. And increasing retention by just 5% can lead to profit increases of at least 25%. So it goes without saying here that the better the post purchase experience is the more likely we are to retain, get that second purchase and then build that long time loyalty between the customer and your brand. And of course, email is the linchpin in terms of the communication that you’re going to use for that post purchase journey. And it’s perfect for creating a dialogue with the customer as well.

So, I’m listing six aftercare essentials for you to consider. And the first one is instead of that bog standard, automated thank you for registering email. How about looking at that and thinking about how you can use language and tone to optimise it just to do maybe a big fat ‘welcome on board’ and a big ‘thank you’ because appreciation obviously goes a long way to setting the scene and to building a great relationship with the customer from the get go.

So the second point is a super positive order confirmation. And here this is really important if you want to find the right balance between really expressing and responding to the excitement of a customer who’s bought something, can’t wait to get it really excited about it to also addressing a customer who might be feeling that they might have spent too much, or perhaps it’s not going to fit or be be the right product. So, this is where you can like really within the HTML of the email, really highlight, really make your returns policy stand out. So subconsciously, the customers, you know, seeing that returns is easy, and they have that kind of I’m in control. If the email is, you know, not attended, then it’s really important that again, you’re highlighting your customer care, contact details there. And then finally, don’t forget a link back and highlight a link back to the website. You know, meanwhile, you’ve bought something, pop back to the website and see what else is happening, and to keep that kind of journey going on your website with a customer.

So the third one is the order dispatch note. Which is really important to make as personalised as possible. So, this might include first time treats for first time buyer, because you want to encourage second purchase, whether it’s a standard discount for a second time purchase, free delivery, it might be you want to do something exclusive, like a sneak peek at something you’re doing or whether you choose just to include, like a more value proposition or message, whether it’s how to videos or aftercare advice on certain products. And again, if you’ve got the marketing opt in here, then this could be a really nice moment to start thinking about upsell or cross sell and use your data to start including quite personalised content here with like products that sell really well together with the item that they’ve bought. Again, it’s just a really nice personalised experience.

The fourth one is our delivery update because we all want to know when we’re going to receive our purchase. So, it’s really important here that you know you’ve got a great courier service that’s hopefully sending both email and SMS communications, that you’ve got flexibility, so a customer can change delivery slots, now we’re getting back to normal, and life’s busier again. And so yeah, again, that is super important, because we all really want to know quite regularly when to expect our goods.

And then the fifth one is feedback, which can address two areas here. So one area, of course, is, you know, if you’ve got a customer who’s super, super happy with that purchase, you might want to either ask them to feedback which could be incentivized, if you like, but it goes a long way to then creating social proof back for future purchases from new customers. And then again, it might be also an opportunity to address customers who maybe haven’t had the best experience to highlight your delivery, whether it’s a free delivery returns policy there again too.

So they’re the five important ones. The sixth one, I guess is more around products that have a lifespan. So if you’ve got a product that you can see that customers will want to buy again, then this is where you can be clever with your data, and use AI start to understand and predict when customers are back in the market to want to replenish that product. And make sure that you set up automations to get there ahead of your competitors. And that’s quite a quick win, where you can be clever, and give a real behavioural personalised experience. I mean, the icing on the cake would be to set up a subscription service and make it super great customer easy experience there as well.

I think I’ll just summarise by saying, you know, what you want to do is look at your entire programme and see how can you go above and beyond with the quick wins with tonal language to improve the service. Customers want to be informed of every step, so great courier service, and make sure that the language and the tone is really friendly. You don’t want it to come across as cold and transactional. And, then you also want to leave the impression that this is all about customer service. But at the same time it is upsell and cross sell. And if you’ve got a marketing opt in, you’ve got a lot of opportunity to personalise and make recommendations in that journey to get and encourage second purchases or further purchases. And then finally, don’t forget to design for mobile first of all, I’m sure you already do. And then the last one is that use of AI, you’ve got a wealth of data, you know, prediction and AI can really help you get ahead from your competitors. You know, AI can help you predict customers that are looking and showing signs they’re going to be loyal right at the beginning of that journey. And if you know that then you can start to think about treating them accordingly and as I said before, you know AI shows you when to use replenishment when a customer’s in the marketer to need that product again.

So hopefully that was helpful if you would like to see the visuals of some of the companies are doing really great post purchase journeys then get in touch and I can send them to you so you can actually visually see what others are doing to inspire you. Don’t forget to leave a comment, like and subscribe.

Thank you very much and until next time, take care and goodbye.

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