Over 10 days and nights, we tracked biometric, behavioural and attitudinal data from 31 employees who volunteered to wear Fitbit devices, to self-report their emotional state and to use tracking software. During the trial, we collated 171 metrics per participant, creating one of the most diverse data sets ever collected using wearable devices.

We wanted to better understand human behaviour, the limits of data tracking on wearable devices, the possible application of the data that was gathered, and fire the starting gun on serious data science research into wearable technology.

At the end of the project the data was sorted into ten data sets. Creating bespoke algorithms, our data scientists were able to gain unparalleled insight into the wellbeing, personality and behaviour of our staff.

A similar approach can apply to your business, creating a rich dataset that allows you to create and implement a strategy that improves the productivity, morale and wellbeing of your staff.