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But it might not be that simple straight away. That’s where we come in, our experts will help you to customise your dashboard to meet your businesses’ needs.

This dashboard shows the creativity and flair that is possible when designing dashboards with the Sisense platform. This dashboard is a view of our Profusion usage of Spotify and is designed as a webpage style view.

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The dashboard shows the overall campaign effectiveness & key KPI’s of an automated email marketing campaign. It assesses the click, open, read and bounce back rate.

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In this dynamic dashboard using Sisense Blox a currency converter was created to allow the viewer to rapidly assess the key sales and cost Metrics for their Avocado business. There is a Regional report including an interactive Map widget. Then there is also a chart to compare the performance of several key types of avocado over time. Where a company is operating and reporting in multiple markets this brings together key commercial insight & reporting data into one clear dashboard.

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