Our award winning partnership with the University of Essex is pivotal to the continued development of the Profusion data proposition.

As a young discipline, Data Science benefits hugely from the transfer of ideas and techniques from myriad academic domains. This multi-disciplinary approach is vital to growth and innovation and is central to our relationship with the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Essex.

The KTP Lasting Impact Award

Our work with the University in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership has won an award for the Best Lasting Impact, for helping bring Data Science research into Profusion's work with our clients.

The University of Essex and Profusion’s Data Academy run a programme with MSc Data Science, MSc Statistics and MSc Artificial Intelligence students. Supervised by Profusion’s data scientists, students carry out a well-defined data science project for a client on a 6-week placement. Data Academy students get commercial experience and businesses can test a “proof of concept” project at a competitive rate.

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Ai Marketer is a predictive analytics tool, powered by artificial intelligence, using the latest techniques in machine learning to identify individual customer’s behaviour for highly personalised and targeted engagements & marketing campaigns. Ai Marketer can be easily embedded into your CRM or marketing platforms through API.

Ai Marketer was designed in collaboration with the University of Essex, home to the Institute for Analytics and Data Science. State of the art expertise in artificial intelligence, data science, statistics, natural language processing, UX and business knowledge are brought into shaping the Ai Marketer in each iteration.

Our partnership is hugely collaborative, with the benefits flowing in both directions. Expertise and techniques developed in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Essex have helped Profusion to develop new solutions to business challenges, to deliver more projects and to win more clients.

The partnership has also been pivotal to the development of our Ai Marketer product, launched in 2020. Ai Marketer offers a range of modules, many borne of Essex techniques, enabling Profusion clients to cost-effectively optimise and target customer marketing for the best commercial outcomes.

The collaboration dates back to the foundation of the Profusion data science function in 2014, with Profusion welcoming its very first student interns that same summer, before the two organisations established a formal Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), funded by Innovate UK, in early 2015.
Following success with our initial cohort of data interns, the Summer of 2015 saw Profusion begin to formally offer MSc dissertation project opportunities to Essex students, a model that continues to operate successfully in 2021.

Our KTP won its first award in June 2018 – Best Research Impact in Enterprise & Innovation – before we were thrilled to walk away with the Best KTP Partnership award in December of the same year. Following this success our second formal KTP with the University of Essex began in November 2019.

All the Profusion partnership values are truly represented in our relationship with the University of Essex, whose staff have been incredibly supportive of the Profusion business and its data ambitions.

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