Our team set about sketching out how we could tackle the problem. It can range from running experiments to gather business intelligence, such as working with Unilever to use smart devices to gather market research on how consumers use its products, through to developing a first-of-its kind product, such as the bespoke machine learning-based recommendation engine for perfumes we created for Coty.

Sometimes the client knows what they want to do but doesn’t quite know how to get there. No problem, our team loves collaboration. We can work with your innovation team in whatever way helps them best - everything from consultancy support through to DevOps and project management.
We can work with you through the entire process, typically this includes:


Defining the challenge


Creating a range of solution options


Testing/experimenting to determine the best approach


Building and then running an MVP in test environments


Developing the MVP to a fully functioning solution


Embedding the solution in your existing systems


Creating a roadmap for future development

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