While data science has amazing power to do good, we recognise that it can sometimes have unintended consequences. This is why we formed our Data Ethics Advisory Board. As an independent body, the board provides Profusion and the wider tech industry with guidance on how to tackle complex ethical issues that are emerging within data science.

Interested in bringing a challenge you are facing on data ethics to our board? Please get in touch.

With a wide range of views, expertise and experience our Data Ethics Advisory Board hold Profusion and the industry to the highest possible standard.
The diverse group of members have expertise in data, privacy, HR, finance, legal, academia, recruitment and the charity sector.

Our Board

Wendy Beaumont

Head of Digital Conduct, Financial Inclusion & Vulnerability, HSBC UK

Sloane Burwell

Senior Compliance Analyst, HackerOne

Olly Buston

CEO, Future Advocacy

Hana Dodhia

Undergraduate Student, Cardiff University

Dr Neil K Hastilow, BEng CEng FIMechE

Head of Digital Manufacturing, Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace

Oscar O’Connor

Consultancy Leader and Executive Advisor on Cyber Security

Jignesh Ramji

Group Head of Talent, London Stock Exchange

Khyati Sundaram

CEO, Applied

Natalie Cramp

CEO, Profusion

Henrik Nordmark

Director of Science, Data and Innovation

Anne Spackman, OBE (Chair)

Non-Executive Director, Profusion

Also on the board

Sean Clark
Chief Data Officer, Railsbank

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