Speaking the right language

The most in-depth of our series, the Implementation programmes provide a deeper understanding of the possibilities, as well as the risks, of using data to its full potential.

These hands-on modules provide just the right level of knowledge for leaders and decision makers, to enable them to act as well-informed customers the data team, speak the right language and ensure the data strategy supports the wider business strategy and goals.

Our Modules

Data for Leaders

Data for Leaders

Course overview: A hands-on, powerful programme which enables senior leaders to drive business improvements through data. The course equips participants to ask the right questions of their data specialists and understand how data and artificial intelligence can drive performance.

This hands-on programme includes a take-home project based on a live business challenge in your business and several personalised consultancy sessions with our data scientists and data strategists.

Appropriate for: Senior leaders who are committed to their growth and ready to get hands-on.

Course length: Three full days over two months, including a take home project.

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